Apollo Hump Steel Iron Shafts (Discontinued)

Product: Apollo Hump Steel Iron Shafts (Discontinued)

Technical Specifications:

Flex Regular Stiff
Kick Point High Kick High Kick
Weight (grams) 110 115
Tip Size .370 .370
Raw Length 41″ 41″ 

Apollo Hump Trim Chart:

Do not tip trim; butt trim to desired length

Product Description:

The Apollo Hump is a best seller for Apollo. This shaft features an enhanced tip section which equals tip stability and improved distance and accuracy. Used by Vjay Singh, Jim Furyk and other tour pros. The hump has a distinct feel that many golfers love. If you think you really can’t feel the shaft through your swing, you’ll change your mind once you try the Apollo Hump steel iron shafts! Once you experience them, you won’t want to go back to a “regular” iron shaft. This shaft has been discontinued.