Apollo Golf Club Shafts have had a long and impressive history in the golf world. The company was started in England, believe it or not, over 150 years ago!

In 1913, the original owners, Accles and Pollock, received a patent for the first tubular steel golf shaft. It took a while, but finally the R & A legalized the shaft for tournament play in 1927. It quickly replaced hickory golf shafts that had been used since golf was born in Scotland.

Accles and Pollock soon joined forces with an American company (American Fork & Hoe), which eventually became known as a company you are no doubt familiar with:True Temper.

As a licensee for close to 40 years, Accles and Pollock made shafts under the True Temper name for the European and Japanese golf markets. Then in 1977, they began selling their own Apollo branded shafts to the North American golfers market.

In 1986 the company was split to give more attention to the golf side of the business, and took on the name Apollo Golf. Reaching yet another milestone, In 1988, Apollo Golf was the FIRST steel shaft manufacturer to also offer its own branded graphite shaft models. In recent years, Apollo Golf merged with Hireko Golf, who controls the manufacturing and foundry operations. The quality and price of Apollo Steel shafts are unsurpassed.

Apollo offers a full range of products from steel wood and iron shafts, graphite wood and iron shafts and steel putter shafts too.

Some of the more popular Apollo shafts are the Apollo Shadow, Apollo Hump (which has been played by Vjay Singh, Jim Furyk and many other PGA tour pros), Apollo Acculite, Apollo Masterflex, Apollo Balistik, Apollo Shadow UL, and many more!

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